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Welcome to the official web site of Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law!

       Dear students!

SfBaW0wy KsFor realization of your cherished dreams and aspirations you have chosen a way through Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law, assignee of Ukraine's first institution of higher education system of consumer cooperatives - Ukrainian Cooperative Institute of M.I. Tuhan-Baranovskyi opened in January 1920. So we are not newcomers in higher education.

Thanks to financial support from the Union of Consumer Cooperatives of Kyiv region material base of educational institutions continuously improved, upgraded, renewed with modern equipment. A microbiology laboratory, physical-chemical and sensory analysis, instrumental methods, offices for standardization and quality management, catering and foreign service, business, economics and business process management, etc.

At your service - scientific societies, clubs, art studios in vocal and choreography, sporting activities and so on. At your disposal - assembly and lecture halls, sports complex facility, information center with access to the worldwide network of Internet, electronic library, comfortable hostel, student cafe.

Today and tomorrow you will identify the intellectual and creative potential of Kiev region and state. You are the young elite, our powerful and reliable human resources who can make Ukraine strong and prosperous. Let you strength and knowledge, draw wisdom and fortitude from the treasury of history and culture of our people, sincerely love your homeland, honor your parents and always proud of you are students of Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law.

Acting rector                                            Tetiana Kaminska


pp  Presentation of Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law!



Our advantages:

1. Education based on degrees (wide range of professions, specialties and directions of training: "Skilled worker" - 7 professions, "Junior specialist" - 9 specialties, "Bachelor’s Degree" - 5 directions, "Master’s Degree" - 5 specialties).

2. Reasonable pricing policy (optimal prices, the possibility of monthly payment for education and accommodation).

3. Combining education according with several educational levels, professions and occupations chosen by a student.

4. Military Department.

5. Getting education abroad (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

6. Summer practice abroad (Germany, Poland, UK ...)

7. Formation of English-speaking groups.

8. Driving school (acquiring the basic specialty, student "in parallel" can obtain a trade license category "B").

9. Highly professional teaching staff (most of  teachers have extensive practical experience).

10. A significant number of hours of curriculum assigned to practical training.

11. An extensive network of pactice bases followed by employment in modern enterprises of consumer cooperatives, state and private property.

12. Scholarships for the best students.

13. Personality-oriented approach to the formation of future specialist (Developed School Coaching).

14. Attracting students to science in the first years of studying.

15. A variety of extra-curricular classes for students' preferences : vocal and dance studio; KVN clubs, design and "estorator"; sporting activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, shooting, chess, sports aerobics, fitness and boxing; Free viiting of  language courses in English, German, Spanish and Korean.

16. A large conference hall - as a center of leisure of students (comfort, attractive design, modern sound system, musical instruments, audio and video equipment, a wide selection of stage costumes, requisites, etc.).

17. Modern Scientific-practical and material and material-technical bases (multimedia arrangement of lecture audiences, providing laboratories with the latest equipment and specialized classrooms, studying in comfortable rooms according to modern requirements and standards).

18. The new sports complex (game and exercise rooms, rooms for fitness, boxing, table tennis, shooting).

19. Modern Library and Information Centre (classical and electronic libraries, reading rooms).

20. Unlimited free Internet access (free access zone Wi-Fi).

21. Hostel for 680 beds, room for self-tuition, comfortable student coffee shop.

22. Day and night medical service of students.

23. Convenient location (from metro station "Vasylkivska" to the Institute is 5 minutes to go, from the educational building to the hostel - just 1 minute; Central and Southern bus stations are located in two metro stations, to Maidan Nezalezhnosti station - 15 minutes by subway, from the Institute to The Holosiivskyi National Nature Park- 10 minutes walk).


Архів Новин

Reporting and Election Conference of the students of the KCIBL

On November 9, 2017, the reporting and election conference of the students of the KCIBL took place. The conference was attended by delegates from students, an active student council and representatives of the administration of the educational institution.

Scientists from leading universities are advised on topical issues of the formation and development of the legal system of Ukraine

Recently, on November 2, 2017, the scientists of the leading Ukrainian universities gathered at a round table for the scientific and practical workshop "The Legal System of Ukraine in the Transformation of Society" held at the National Academy of Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences.

Glob Works - Work in hotels abroad

On November 7, 2017, a meeting between the students of the KCIBL with the Director of GLOBWORKS Emre Sagir took place, in particular, the issues of summer practice in hotels in Turkey were discussed for a period of six months (approximately from April to October).

To make Holosiivskyi Park a real decoration of the capital

On November 4 this year, students and teachers of the Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law took an active part in the overall coalition for the improvement and improvement of the sanitary state of the park " Holosiivskyi ". The action was organized by the state administration of Holosiivskyi district in Kyiv. Since the Holosiivskyi Park is not only the largest national natural park in the city of Kiev, but it is also a favorite place for our young people's rest, then together with the teacher Nechaiuk L.H. and methodologist for educational work Lozan K.Y. we started to work: rowing the fallen leaves, cleaned up the foreman-keeper of the forest belt, arranged the lawns ...

PrivatBank accepts our students

On November 6, 2017, students of the 31FI and 21EK groups of the Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law conducted a thematic excursion to the PrivatBank office. This event was organized by the employees of the Pechersk Branch of PrivatBank and the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance of the KCIBL.

Student Self-Government Leadership Training

From October 30 to November 2, 2017, the leaders of students' self-government were conducted the training on the basis of Pozamysky Children's Health Improvement and Recreation Center "Zmina" (village Pylypovychi, Borodyanka district), the Office of Youth and Sports of the Kyiv Oblast State Administration together with the MO KRC "Kyiv Oblast Youth Center".



Tel: (044) 258-20-29
Tel: (044) 257-50-94
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Tel: (044) 257-70-91


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18, Lomonosova Street

Kyiv, 03022

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