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Olena Anatolivna Pushnjak

Senior lecturer, teacher of the highest qualification "teacher-methodologist".



- National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 1995, "Teacher of History, historian";

-"University Education Management" at NAPS, 2013, "Management of the institution."


Scientific and professional interests:

- National-patriotic education of youth in teaching humanities, local history, theory and methods of teaching history. "Managing the development of professional competence of teaching educational institution of I - III levels."

- Innovative forms of work and used technologies: technology problem-based learning, critical thinking, design technology, developing training, interactive learning.



"History of Ukraine", "Fundamentals of philosophical knowledge," "Man and the world."


Major works:

- Training program: "History of Ukraine", "Fundamentals of philosophical knowledge", "Man and World";

- Guidelines for conducting seminars on the subject "History of Ukraine";

- Tests of the course "History of Ukraine", "Fundamentals of philosophical knowledge", "Man and World";

- Comprehensive tests for full-time students on the course "History of Ukraine";

- Guidelines for implementation of self-discipline "Fundamentals of philosophical knowledge";

- Questions for examinations for full-time students and distance learning course "Basics of philosophical knowledge", "History of Ukraine".



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