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Disciplines Department


1. Administration of entrepreneurial activity

2. Analysis of innovations

3. Anticrisis management of the enterprise

4. Security of hotel business services

5. Benchmarking

6. Business Administration

7. Business diagnostics

8. Business planning

9. Business strategy

10. Business consulting

11. Business culture

12. Business ethics

13. Exchange activity

14. Exchange trading in the commodity market

15. Budgeting

16. Introduction to Business Analysis

17. Introduction to the specialty

18. Global economy

19. Digital marketing

20. Business enterprise

21. Trade Economy

22. Economics of Labor and Social-Labor Relations

23. Economic theory

24. Economic security of business

25. Expertise and consulting activity

26. E-business

27. E-commerce

28. Foreign economic activity

29. Innovative entrepreneurship

30. Innovation business

31. Innovative business models

32. Innovative development of business entities

33. Internet technology in business

34. Internet Marketing

35. Intellectual business and e-commerce

36. Infrastructure of the commodity market

37. Infrastructure of the innovation market

38. History of Economics and Economic Thought

39. Personnel administration

40. Cybersecurity of business

41. Controlling

42. Commercial activity

43. Communicative management

44. Creative management

45. Logistics

46. Logistics infrastructure

47. Logistics management

48. Marketing

49. Market research of the market of goods and services

50. Marketing of hotels and restaurants

51. Macroeconomics

52. Microeconomics

53. International Economics

54. Management

55. Management of business organizations

56. Management of entrepreneurial activity

57. Management of commercial activity

58. Hotel and restaurant management

59. Methodology and organization of scientific research

60. Exchange pricing mechanism

61. Motivational management

62. Organization of trade

63. Organization of entrepreneurial activity

64. Organization of stock exchange activities

65. Organization of trade

66. Organization of tourist services

67. Organization of tourist trips

68. Organization of hotel and restaurant business

69. Organization of excursion and hotel and restaurant services

70. Organizational-economic designing of the firm's development

71. Basics of business

72. Basics of business analytics

73. Fundamentals of co-operation

74. Basics of entrepreneurship, trade and stock activities

75. Basics of tourism business

76. Basis of logistics business

77. Fundamentals of designing logistics systems

78. Basis of logistics service

79. Basis of logistics management

80. Basics of hotel business

81. Fundamentals of hotel management

82. Basics of business management

83. Basics of hotel marketing

84. Basis of customs business

85. Basics of product identification

86. Basis of examination of goods

87. Fundamentals of quality management of services in hotels

88. Basis of management of business organizations

89. Fundamentals of administrative management in business organizations

90. Basis of operational management

91. Fundamentals of enterprise competitiveness management

92. Fundamentals of innovative management

93. Fundamentals of personnel management

94. Estimation of the potential and value of business

95. Entrepreneurship

96. Entrepreneurship and small business

97. Entrepreneurship and business culture

98. Enterprise Entrepreneurship

99. Entrepreneurial activity

100. Entrepreneurship in the service sector

101. Forecasting in Economics and Management

102. Regulation of exchange activities

103. Research Market

104. Market research of tourist services

105. Market research of logistics services

106. Social and environmental responsibility of business

107. Social entrepreneurship

108. Consumer cooperatives

109. Startup management

110. Strategic planning

111. Strategic partnership in business

112. Strategic business management

113. Sustainable Development Strategy

114. Business analytics systems

115. Trade policy and commercial diplomacy

116. Commodity and trade entrepreneurship

117. Commodity Studies I (food products)

118. Commodity study II (non-food products)

119. Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity

120. Commercial entrepreneurship

121. Training course "Creating your own business"

122. Training course "Start-up project"

123. Training-course "Business Planning Start-up"

124. Training course "Creative Technologies of Start-up Projects"

125. Training course "Start-up project management in business development"

126. Training-course "Management Start-up"

127. Training course "Entrepreneurial competencies"

128. Training course "Evaluation of business decisions"

129. Training course "Examination of business projects"

130. Training course "Business simulation"

131. Training course "Analysis and forecast of the firm's activity"

132. Training course "Rationale of business decisions"

133. Training course "Reengineering business processes"

134. Training course "Business engineering"

135. Training course "Controlling in the decision-making system"

136. Training course "Providing logistics management"

137. Training course "Development and substantiation of business projects"

138. Training course "Management of the firm using information and analytical systems"

139. Training course "Organization of an online store"

140. Training course "Management competencies"

141. Training course "Adoption of managerial decisions"

142. "Team Management" training course

143. Training course "Sales techniques"

144. Business Process Management

145. Business project management

146. Management of business models of companies

147. Management of business value

148. Cost management

149. Managing Change

150. Managing business competitiveness

151. Supply Chain Management

152. Turnover management

153. Sales management

154. Management of business development

155. Risk management of business structures

156. Small Business Management

157. Quality management of goods and services

158. Quality management of products and services in hotels and restaurants

159. Price policy and company's competitiveness

160. Pricing



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