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Computer science and computer technology Olympiad

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November 28, 2018 the Olympiad in computer science and computer technology - 1 qualifying round - was held among the 2nd year college students at the department of information technology and natural sciences.

Within 2 hours, 20 students performed tasks in MS Word text editor, MS Excel spreadsheet processor and MS Access.

Before the II qualifying round, which took place on December 3, 2018, there were students of the groups: 21 TK - Vasilenko Ekaterina, 21 HK - Dzyubanenko Vladislav, Evlogiev Denis and Okhrimenko Mikhail, groups 21 KIK - Voznyuk Sergey and Sabadash Artem, groups 21 PK - Sizov Nikita and Pensky Alexey. They additionally performed another task in a text editor MS Word.

According to the highest scores for the first and second rounds, the students became the winners

I place - Michael Okhrimenko (group 21 HK)

II place - Voznyuk Sergey (group 21 KIK):

III place was shared by Dzyubanenko Vladislav (21 HK), Sabadash Artem (21 KIK) and Sizov Nikita (21 PK).

The winners were awarded diplomas and souvenirs.

Okhrimenko Mikhail and Sergey Voznyuk will take part in the Regional Olympiad in Informatics and Computer Technology in the spring of 2019.


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