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Lawyers and Commodity Researchers Accreditation of Bachelor


From November 28 to November 30, the Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law underwent an accreditation examination of the preparation of bachelors in the areas of law studies and merchandising and trade entrepreneurship.

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On Conducting Accreditation Expertise" dated November 13, 2018. No. 1978, the following experts were included in the expert committee on direction 6.030401 "Jurisprudence": Vasyl Nikolayevich Stratonov, chairperson of the commission, State University, doctor of law, professor, member of the commission - Fakas Ilona Borisovna - associate professor of the department of civil law disciplines of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", candidate of law Physical Sciences.

The Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On holding an accreditation examination" dated 13.11.2018 p. No. 1979 formed an expert commission on direction 6.030510 "Merchandising and commercial entrepreneurship" consisting of: Chairman of the commission - Maslak Olga Ivanovna - Head of the Economics Department of Kremenchug National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky, doctor of economics, professor, member of the commission - Galina Seylyutina - professor of the department of merchandising and examination of goods of Kharkov State University of Food and Commerce, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor.

According to the rules of the accreditation examination, expert commissions informed the administration of the Institute about the objects of inspection and began work with familiarization with the material and technical base of the institution. The state of scientific and international work was also checked. As for the educational and methodological work, the experts have studied in sufficient detail the quality of the teaching and methodological support, the compliance of the curricula to the competency-based training approach now declared, the correctness of the preparation and evaluation of coursework and practical work reports. From the previously studied disciplines among students, a slice of knowledge was conducted, which showed an adequate level of training of future specialists. According to the results of the expert examination, expert opinions were prepared on the assessments and recommendations for the educational process of training directions that are accredited.








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