Как лечить бронхиальную астму. Советы как лечить астму. Где лечить бронхиальную астму. Чем лечить горло ребенку. Красное горло чем лечить быстрее. Чем лечить больное горло. Как лечить гнойную ангину. Скажите как лечить гнойную ангину ребенку. Как лечить ангину антибиотиками. Как лечить сухой кашель. У меня сильный кашель как лечить. Как лечить кашель народными средствами. Средства для возбуждения женщин. Быстрое возбуждение женщины. Признаки возбуждения у женщин. Волосы уход в домашних условиях. Быстрый уход за волосами и лицом. Уход за сухими волосами. Боли в спине лечение. Народное лечение спины дома. Лечение спины народными средствами. Лечение пальцев ног. Почему судороги в ногах причины лечение. Лечение ног народными средствами.
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“Warm” festival of street food in Kyiv.

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Everyone knows that you have to eat healthy and regularly, but sometimes something pulls us to eat anything tasty…. However it often can be bad, but delicious.

Street food is ready to consuming food or beverages, which are sold on the streets or in others public places, for example at the market or fair. Frequently dishes are sold from portable food booths, food trucks. The majority of them belongs to the category of fast food and is regional, however many of them have spread outside the region of their origin.


Practical experience

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On the 9th of October, 2020, was a meeting of students of the city of Gr. 41 PC with a young lawyer Alla Shevchuk led by the professors of the Department of Law Zinyova O.S., Voznyk M.V. and  Tarasova I.V. Alla Shevchuk went from a student of our school to an experienced specialist in the field of law. With future lawyers, our graduate shared her experience of mastering legal sciences and practical work.



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Theater is a place that can inspire and give new emotions.

Thus, on the 8th of October, 2020, celebrating the Lawyer's Day, a friendly team of the Department of Law, according to good tradition, visited the Young Theater and watched the lyrical comedy "Athens Evenings".




February 11 is marked by the Safe Internet Dayin the world under the slogan «Together for a better Internet». Students of groups 21 ЕК and 21 ХК together with the head librarian Rudenko Y.M. have joined online security events.

On Safe Internet Day, millions of people come together to inspire positive changes online, enhance online security education, and take part in events around the world. A Safe Internet Day aims to create a safer and better Internet where everyone can use technology responsibly, with respect, critically and creatively.




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