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among student groups the KCIBL for 2015

серед студентських груп ККІБП на 2015 рік

Name of event




Responsible for the





6 boys

6 girl

Krasnook SA,


General physical preparation

19.02 (yun)

5.03 (ing.)


5 boys

5 girl

Krasnook SA, AV Revchuk





1 boy

1 girl

Krasnook SA


Mini soccer



6 boys

Krasnook SA


Tourist skill



Holosiivskyi forest «"Didorivka"»

student groups

2nd year

Krasnook SA, AV Revchuk

Plan of

charity exhibition - sale (competition of student works)

«Help orphans!",

while the Department of Food Technology Week

Objective:  KCIBL involvement of all students in socially useful activities, active student life, unite as many young people around the institute's exhibition-competition «Help orphans!" And to form the indifference to the plight of orphans, sincerity and frankness views. 

 Participants:   all students of the institute and the college.

 Time::      February 12, 2015.

 Place: : lobby of the institution (first floor).

 Responsible for organizing the exhibition - competition: конкурсу:

  - Parkhomenko AP

  - MV Olefirenko

  - Sydorchuk D

  - Curated groups.

Requirements exhibition-competition: :

- Registration of the exhibition will take place from 10.00 to 11.20 on Feb. 12, 2015  

- Each group prepares her exposure to the designated place.

- To exhibits include items of confectionery art made by students own (cookies, crackers, cakes, muffins, pastries).

- All work (products) must be signed by (name of author)

- Opening charity event about 11.20 on Feb. 12, 2015   

- Proceeds from the sale of merchandise will be donated to the fund orphans student council of the institute.


Chairman of the jury – AF Klimenko . – Vice-Rector for organizational and educational work


1. A. Kovalenko Anelia

2. Chernyakova Tatiana Y.

3. Rybchuk Larissa A. 

4. Lamska Oksana

5. Taranenko Oksana G.

6. Tatyana A. Gritsenko

7. Catherine Kolomiets

The authority of the jury:

 - Assess exposure and check for compliance with competition aim and objective conditions of competition.

 - Determine the winners..

 - Inform participants about the results of the competition course.

The evaluation system works:

If compliance with these conditions jury Exposure Evaluation work on 10-point scale on the following criteria:

compliance with the general requirements:

 - Originality of design

 - Creative perfection

 - The complexity of

 - Aesthetic appearance

The project is designed                                             M.V.Olefirenko


Head's assistant

Л. Л. Янів

«____»_______________ 2015 р.



of championship

Club teams cheerful and resourceful in KKIBP

1. General provisions.


1.1. FIFA Club cheerful and resourceful (hereinafter - Championship WHC) in Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law is conducted to enhance the creative potential of students.

1.2. The organizer of the championship - Department of organizational - educational work the KCIBL. .

1.3. The goal of the championship league is held to create conditions for creative, intellectual and spiritual development of students

1.4. The challenge championship: 

- Youth education in patriotism, love for Ukraine; 

- Formation of the individual, his social maturity; 

- Search, development and support of talented, gifted young people; 

- Meeting the needs of young people in creative self-realization; 

- Promotion and popularization of movement in Ukraine; 

- Organization of leisure of students, creating favorable conditions for the realization of its creative potential; 

- Determination of the best teams.


2. The governing bodies and the structure of the championship.


To ensure efficient organization and conduct of the championship organizing committee of the CEC will be appointed by order of the rector of the institute. 

2.1. Organizing committee: 

2.1.1.provodyt collection and systematization of applications for participation in the championship of the CEC; 

2.1.2.vyznachaye date of the stages of the championship KVN is a program of the meeting; 

2.1.3.vidpovidaye for information and logistical support KVN championship; 

2.1.4.orhanizovuye distribution and collection of questionnaires for the audience vote; 

2.1.5.orhkomitet may use photos, audio and video with organizational and informational purposes.


2.2. Jury Championship: 

2.2.1.Zhuri - – the audience championship KVN. 

2.2.2.Forma vote - closed. 

2.2.3.Otsinyuyutsya team as voted by viewers. 

2.2.4.Otsinka speech commands are final and not subject to revision.


2.3. Competitions KVN championship: КВН:  

2.3.1. Welcome (Business Card)-— team members introduce themselves and their team. 

2.3.2. Warm-up - — a competition in which teams have thirty seconds to come up with a funny response to questions asked by other teams, audience, judges or presenter. 

2.3.3. Contest news - — humorous news release. 

2.3.4. Film Contest — a competition in which you want to shoot a video or voice known film. 

2.3.5. Captain Contest — Competition for individual team captains competing. 

2.3.6. Musical homework — Competition final song, teams need to write beautiful and funny final song.


3.Participants, terms and conditions of participation:


3.1.In the championship KVN involving all interested groups KKIBP teams and teams for the submission of applications to the organizing committeein form (Appendix 1) to 02.04.2015 year. The minimum representation of one group– - one team (the team no more than 12 students).


3.2.Championship takes place in two stages:


Stage (Preliminary):

- Among the teams first year (12.03.2015) 

- Teams of the second year (19.03.2015) 

- Teams of the third year (26.03.2015)


ІІ етап – Second stage - Final tournament KVN competition winners qualifying round of the championship and their award (02.04.2015).




4.1. Evaluated creative achievements of participants: 

-  Professional performance; 

-  artistry; 

-  Originality of ideas.


5.Rewarding winners and winners of the championship.


5.1. The winner’s championship awarded according to the results announced by the CEC of the second stage of the championship. 

5.2. Award winners and nominees is by awarding diplomas and valuable gifts.


Address: Str.Lomonosova, the KCIBL, Assembly Hall.

Telephone: 257-50-94

Appendix 1

to the Regulation on championship teams

Club cheerful and resourceful


Chairman of the organizing committee

чChampionship teams the club

fun and smart KKIBP

Klymenko O.




team ________________________________________________________________

                                                                       (full name of the team)


to participate in the championship club teams of cheerful and smart students..


1. List of team members:



Full Name’

Course group

Name curator














 Team captain: _______________________________(Tel. _________________________)


(full name)’


«       » ______________________ 2015 року                     ____________________




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