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The working concept

    The concept is aimed at the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine, the National doctrine of education. The concept of children’s and youth’s education in the framework of the national educational system, “Osvita” State National Program (Ukraine XXI century) is developed on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education ", "On General Secondary Education" and "On Consumer Cooperation ".

KCIBL concept is based on integration of fundamental theory and practical application skills in fields of business and law.

Implementation of state educational policy in Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law is provided by:

• high-quality training programs according to state legislation;

• opening of new faculties in accordance to the labor market needs;

• scientific and teaching staff with higher qualifications;

• all-round personality development by means of effective education despite of gender, race, religious beliefs, belonging to political parties, place of residence and other circumstances.

• creation of innovative organizational and pedagogical model that focused on rapid response to labor market, to achieve high-level education by the use of modern techniques and technologies;

• improvement of scientific and technical base in accordance to modern requirements;

• strengthening the competitiveness of KCIBL students;

• establishing cooperation between KCIBL and other educational establishments of Ukraine.

The principles of strategic development

• State public administration

• Stability and predictability

• Humanism, democracy, priority of all-human spiritual values

• Partnership

• Integration with science and production

• Compliance with social needs

• Innovation and focus on modern experience considering the traditions of Ukrainian pedagogy

The main principles and priorities

• Training of high qualified specialists of different educational levels and specializations according to state order and contractual obligation

• Strong scientific and methodical, technical, information and resource base for organizational and educational process

• Refreshing the educational process by means of implementing the innovative approach, forms, methods and techniques.

• Applying informative and communicative techniques

• High-quality level training, retraining, training certification of the teaching staff

• Implementation of educational, methodical, scientific, publishing, finance and economic, manufactural and commercial activity.

• Conducting educational work that meets the students’ needs in intellectual, cultural, moral development, strengthening their health.



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