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The staff

Staff of educational-methodical council

EMC Head – Ohrimenko I.V., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Vice Rector for Academic work

Secretary – Boboshko S.O., Head of the Educational-Methodical Department

Council members:

1. Andrushchenko L.V. – Head of Law Department

           2. Bilozor L.V. - Dean of  Economics and Law Faculty

           3. Vyshnevska N.I. - Associate Professor of Commodity Department

           4. Vorona L.V. – Vice-Director of educational work in college

           5. Klymenko O.F. – Acting Rector, Vice-Rector for organizational and educational work

           6. Kolinko O.O. - Associate Professor of Law Department

           7. Lamska O.V.  - Head of Food Technology and Commodity Department

           8. Myndiuk M.D. – Head of Economic and Law Department

           9. Mykhailov V.I. – Head of Commodity Department

           10. Nechaiuk L.H. - Associate Professor of Humanities and Fundamental disciplines Department

           11. Olefirenko M.V. – Vice-Director of Industrial Training in college

           12. Oliinyk O.O. - Professor of  Finance and Credit Department

           13. Prudchenko I.I. – Head of Humanities and Fundamental disciplines Department

           14. Purdenko O.A. - Associate Professor ofFinance and Credit Department

           15. Romodanova V.O. – Professor of Food TechnologyDepartment

           16. Soviak V.V. - Executive Secretary of Admission office

           17. Radchenko T.M. – a student

Commissions staff of Educational-Methodical council of KCIBL

Educational-Methodical Commission

Prudchenko I.I. – Head of Commission

Ohrimenko I.V.

Olefirenko M.V.

Vorona L.V.

Nechaiuk L.H.

External Relations Commission

Klymenko O.F. - Head of Commission

Oliinyk O.O.

Lamska O.V. 

Soviak V.V.

Licensing and Accreditation Commission

Romodanova V.O. -Head of Commission

Mykhailov V.I

Boboshko S.O.

Myndiuk M.D.

Vyshnevska N.I.

ECTS and Improving the local regulatory framework Commission

Bilozor L.V. -Head of Commission

Andrushchenko L.V.

Kolinko O.O.

Purdenko O.A.



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Tel: (044) 257-70-91


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18, Lomonosova Street

Kyiv, 03022

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