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Department of Social and Humanities

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Department Report for 2015-2016 academic year


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The Department of Social and Humanitarian disciplines was established in January 2017 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of Humanities and Fundamental Disciplines. The Department acts as a world-view platform for conceptual understanding of business, economics and law as the key mechanisms for improving the quality of life of Ukrainian society and the necessary conditions for creative self-realization of the individual. The role of the department in the training of highly skilled personnel is determined by the translation of social and humanitarian knowledge that enables the solution of the tasks of the modern national economy and law on the basis of social partnership and ethical principles.

The main principles of the department are:

 • humanization and individualization of the educational process;

• integration of theoretical knowledge and practical training;

• formation of key educational competences: value-semantic, general-cultural, educational-cognitive, communicative, informational competences and competences of personal self-improvement;

• interdisciplinary, systematic approach to pedagogical and research activities;

• organization of educational and research activity of students on the basis of integration of scientific, educational and their future professional activity;

• development of competitive advantages of the department.

In the near future, the activities of the Department of Social and Humanitarian disciplines are aimed at:

• development and improvement of innovative educational technologies using the principles of a competence-oriented approach and continuous, multi-level education;

• development of scientific and applied research in the areas of specialization of the department;

• active involvement of students in teaching and research and research work;

• formation of external scientific and scientific-methodical connections;

• development of the staffing potential of the department through the involvement of leading specialists in the direction of training and creation of conditions for the prospect of professional growth of the teachers in the teaching and methodological and scientific work.

There are15 members in the department, 4 of then are candidates of sciences (Prudchenko II, Nechyuk LG, Babenko-Zhirnov MV, Zubro TP); 6 - specialists of the highest category (Klimenko O.F., Lamskaya O.V., Mindyuk MD, Nechayuk LG, T. Pronevych, O. Pusnyak), among them: 4 methodologists (Klymenko O.F., Mindyuk MD, Pusnyak O.A., Pronnev T.M.), 1 senior teacher (Lamskaya O.V.); 3 - specialists of category II (Boryak IV, Kravchenko O.V., Rudenko Yu.M.), 3 - specialists (Lyulko ME, Obryska AM, Semenyshyn OI). All of them meet new students every year , laying the foundation for further mastery of their profession, to form their professional competencies.



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