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Enterprise, Trade and Exchange Department

The staff


Methodological and scientific works




Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges

Branch of Knowledge - 07 "Management and Administration"

Specialty - 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges"

The Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges is a structural subdivision of the Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law. The department carries out training:

Young specialists in the specialty 076 - ""Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges"" (full-time form) for educational and professional programs (specialization):

- Entrepreneurship (full-time education);

- Commodity study and examination in customs (full-time study form);

- Tourism business (full-time education);

- Logistics business (full-time education);

- Hotel business (full-time study form);

Bachelors in specialty 076 - ""Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges"" (full-time and part-time forms of education) for educational and professional programs (specialization):

- Entrepreneurship (full-time education);

Masters in specialty 076 - "Entrepreneurship, trade and stock activities" for educational and professional programs (specialization):

- Commodity and trade entrepreneurship (full-time and part-time study).

- Entrepreneurship (full-time and part-time study).

Doctors of Philosophy on the specialty 051 - Economics.

"Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges"

The key tasks of the department are:

- Provision of training, methodological work on the disciplines of the cycle of vocational training, in accordance with the curriculum.

- Ensuring the orientation of the educational process to the formation of knowledge, skills, abilities of students in accordance with the needs of industry and the market.

- Improvement of the teaching and methodological support of the disciplines of the department on the basis of the competent approach in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

- Organization of research work at the level of scientific staff, lecturers, postgraduate students, and students.

- Publication of textbooks and manuals oriented to the needs of students and employees of the sphere of entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities.

-Ensuring international cooperation, strengthening relations with foreign research institutions, educational institutions, etc., organization and participation in international scientific and practical conferences.

- Development of business contacts and links with industry enterprises and organizations with the aim of updating and creating new bases of practice for students and employment of graduates.

The department provides the qualitative theoretical and practical training of future entrepreneurs on the basis of competent approach, taking into account the current conditions prevailing in the labor market. After analyzing the requirements of employers to specialists, the staff of the department "Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges" made changes to the curriculum to ensure the comprehensive acquisition of students by the following competencies:

- free use of office and computer technology and IT technologies, e-business skills, e-commerce and electronic document circulation;

- availability of communicative abilities, ability to work "in a team", readiness to cooperate and resolve conflicts;

- ability to organize their work and work of subordinates, control skills;

- plan, forecast, organize and control all stages of production processes;

- Accuracy and literacy of work with documents, discipline and punctuality;

- skills of developing current and future plans of work, strategies, programs, projects, measures for the implementation of management tasks;

- Establishing business cooperation and partnerships with various organizations and institutions (fluency in a foreign language - preferably in English);

- forecasting demand, expanding product markets and controlling the quality of business projects and business processes;

- ability to develop and justify the choice of the most effective management decisions.

To ensure high-quality theoretical and practical training in accordance with the requirements of employers at the Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges, modern technologies, equipment and the latest achievements of science are used. All lectures of the department have multimedia support for better students' acquisition of theoretical material. Practical classes are held in a specialized computer class with installed licensed software, which today is widely used by enterprises of Ukraine to improve the efficiency of the entrepreneur's work: ERP, CRM systems, office software, business project management, business process management, statistical information processing.

Modern library, Computer classes

Provision of textbooks Practical training

Collaboration with companies allows students to take internships and internships on their base, which contributes to better training of specialists to the current work realities. The partner companies of the Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges are able to evaluate future graduates and often become their employers. It is our institute that forms the next generation of the business elite, and this model of training allows to provide the qualitative training of a new generation of entrepreneurs who perfectly possess the economic, social, management theory, able to solve complex professional problems with the use of modern tools and IT technologies that are naturally embedded in the informational and economic space.

The Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges implements a conceptually new educational model, the cornerstones of which are: improving the quality of education and gaining our graduates qualified competitive advantages in the labor market through rethinking traditional forms, methods and content of training, namely: deepening of the practical component, enhancement of language training, flexibility of learning trajectories in order to achieve relevant general and professional competencies.

Improvement of the components of the educational program in the present conditions is realized by creating a new methodological approach to teaching disciplines, making changes to the purpose, content, methods and technology, the form of organization and management system, in the style of pedagogical activity and organization of educational and cognitive process, in the system of control and evaluation the level of education, the actual process of interaction between the teacher and the student.

The Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges, based on the modern needs of the labor market, carries out training under the program "Training Training Company" (business simulator), which is a progressive comprehensive educational technology that provides opportunities to learn about the basics and subtleties of different positions. , to understand the general principles of the real functioning of a modern firm in the process of its economic activity.

In the structure of all disciplines without exception, practical lessons (more than 50% of class hours) are prevalent, in which students learn in practice to solve business tasks through interactive teaching methods. In practical classes, business entrepreneurship games, round tables and seminars on topical issues of entrepreneurship, trade and stock activities, business training and master classes are held, cases of successful business organizations are considered. At the practical lessons are invited representatives of the enterprises of the partners of the department, successful entrepreneurs in various fields of business. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to take the experience and practical skills efficiently.

Also, an important part of the practical training of the disciplines of professional training is to get students skills in the use of information technology in their professional activities. In the laboratory of the "Business, Trade and Exchange Activity" department, "Training and Training Firm", students learn practical work at the practical classes, work with the statistical data, receive indicators of the efficiency of the organization, work with modern systems of enterprise management automation. Cycle of disciplines "Business Informatics", "Business Planning", "Business-analytics", "E-Business", "E-commerce", "Estimation of potential and value of business", "Accounting and information systems of entrepreneurship", "Business administration "Have a 100% practical orientation and allow our students to gain experience in managing business projects and business processes at modern enterprises already during their training.

Students have the opportunity to acquire a set of practical knowledge, skills and abilities in relation to the technology of creating business structures and the creation of IT-enterprise management system (informational pyramid management), as well as obtain the registered certificates of specialist using the software complex "Parus" and "M.E.Doc". The availability of such certificates gives competitive advantages to our graduates in the labor market. "Sail" is an automation tool for a CRM strategy that combines the interrelated business processes of the main business units of the company with the clients into a single information space. Today, "M.E.Doc" is the most widespread program for electronic reporting and document circulation.

How to be enterprise ?

How and why we teach our students is an indicator of the level of modernity, innovation of an educational institution. As the famous American writer Will Durant said, "... Education is a translation of civilization ...". Therefore, worthy education at our Cooperative Institute of Business and Law is a guarantee of decent employment and career success of our graduates and the future of our country and our civilization.

Entrepreneur - the business owner, it has long been not enough to be an economist, lawyer, manager or marketer, he must accumulate all of this knowledge. Many solve this problem by gaining experience at the cost of their own mistakes, someone through self-education or by getting a second, third education. But this is a precious time! And he, as you know, "is worth the money"! No businessman can afford to lose neither time nor money! The market requires changes both in relation to the person of the entrepreneur in particular, and in relation to entrepreneurial activity in general. Being a businessman (entrepreneur) means having special knowledge, being able to apply it in practice and constantly gaining new experience. Business is made by people, and first of all - those who manage it. From the owner and the director of an enterprise, the success of the case depends predominantly. The history of global entrepreneurship shows that even the most talented businessmen have failed because of neglecting the rules of continuing education and improvement.

Business education is able not only to correct and enhance entrepreneurial qualities, but also to form and develop them! The first thing that needs to be prepared, starting your own business - to complete dedication. Be sure that you can face a variety of obstacles in the first place on your path. You will work for an unlimited time, without holidays and rest, during the day and in the evening. Get ready for the crazy rhythm of life and great stress. All this necessarily accompanies the beginning of their own business. It is through business education that initiative will turn into a special entrepreneurial worldview and worldview. In today's environment, professionals with professional business education are very needed both in the whole world and in our country. The market needs specialists who can correctly, professionally and effectively organize IT business and ensure its operation and stable development.

Business-education, offered by the Kyiv Cooperative University of Business and Law, helps with solving these problems. Studying at our university is an opportunity to get the MBA-level level education and start your own business.


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The introduction of a competent approach in education requires higher education institutions to modernize both the organization of the educational process and its content content in accordance with the requirements of time and the labor market.

Innovative teaching methods. Modern material base. In-depth study of English. Students practice in partner companies. Principle of practice-oriented training of specialists. Staged cycle training.


In-depth study of professional English is already in training. Practical preparation of economic and legal support of entrepreneurial activity. Formation of practical skills of professional market participants (merchant, retailer, trader). Individual approach to the preparation of each individual student. Training of specialists in the field of e-business, business diagnostics, business analytics, e-commerce, business diplomacy, business administration, innovation entrepreneurship. Orientation to the organization of entrepreneurship in the IT sphere. Diploma of Higher Education. Educational qualification - bachelor in business, trade and stock affairs. Competitiveness of entrants to entering the results of external testing. The cost of contracting is available.

Which profession will I get after I finished my education ?

Graduates of the specialty are competitive specialists in many spheres, because this specialty has a wide range of applications: from material production - to the sphere of services, from private business - to business in transnational corporations !!!


Specialist in Internet Trading

Specialist in the organization of trading in the stock market

The Head of branch of trade enterprise

Specialist in the field of depositary activity

Advisor on trade and economic issues

Specialist in the analysis of trading markets

Specialist in the field of electronic communication

Specialist in securities trading

Commercial Director

Specialist in the development of retail chains

Professional stock market participant

Specialist in clearing activities

Specialist in Asset Management of Institutional Investors

Specialist in valuation of property

An Anticrisis Manager


Specialist in the efficiency of the enterprise

Civil servant in departments which  supervise the sphere of trade, entrepreneurship and stock-taking activities

The head of small, medium and large enterprises

Our graduates have the widest opportunities in the labor market. They can offer their knowledge and skills as employees in the field of enterprise management, trade and exchange activities, as independent entrepreneurs, as well as civil servants in the regulatory and supervisory bodies in the field of entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activities.

How and why we teach our students is an indicator of the level of modernity, innovation of an educational institution. As the famous American writer Will Durant said, "... Education is a translation of civilization ...". Therefore, worthy education at our Cooperative Institute of Business and Law is a guarantee of decent employment and career success of our graduates and the future of our country and our civilization.

Подпись: Entrepreneurship
a complex of economic, legal and managerial knowledge and skills in organizing and creating effective business development



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