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Scientific Interests

The department of finances credits structural subdivision of Economics and Law faculty of the Kyiv cooperative institute of business and law.

The collective of department conducts active research work on subjects, which is ratified in the plans of the advanced study of department and institute, namely:

  • "Prospects of development of consumer cooperation of Kyiv in the system of consumer cooperation of Ukraine";
  • "Actual problems of infrastructure in service, trade and public food consumption of city Kyiv business as a tourist center of the European and world value";
  • "Conception of the skilled providing of consumer co-operation of city Kyiv and regions of Ukraine".
  • "Economic security of small business in Ukraine"
  • "Perfection of the systems of taxation of industrial enterprises ";
  • "Mechanism of forming and functioning of market of innovations in an agroindustrial complex";
  • "Problems of integration of enterprises of agroindustrial complex";
  • "Gender relations within the political elites".

Job performances passed approbation on scientifically - practical conferences of such as:

  1. IX International scientifically - practical conference "World tendencies and prospects of development of the financial system of Ukraine", Kyiv, on October, 25-26 in 2012;
  2. Fifteenth Allukrainian scientific internet-conferences of research "interdisciplinary in industries of information technologies, economy, mathematics and technique", Ternopil, on October, 29-30 in 2012;
  3. International  scientifically -  practically conference the «Scientific search in the modern world», Moscow, of December, 20 2012;
  4. VII International scientifically - practical conference "Entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine: problems of development and adjusting", Kyiv, on June, 27.in 2013;
  5. ХХVIII international scientifically - practical conference "Modern state and prospect market of economy of Ukraine", Lviv, on Augusts, 2-3 in 2013;
  6. international research and practice conference "Actual problems of theory and practice of management", Simferopol, on August, 16-17 in 2013;
  7. X  International research and practice conference  «World tendencies and prospects of development of the financial system of Ukraine», Kyiv, on October, 24-25 in 2013;
  8. VII  International research and practice conference   "Reformation of economy of Ukraine : the state and prospects", Kyiv, on June, 27.in 2013
  9. 14th Interuniversity student research and practice conference "Economic and legal aspects of development of country in the modern globalized world" Irpin in 2015;
  10. International research and practice conference "Modern economic systems : the state and prospects", Khmelnytsky, March in 2014
  11. International research and practice conference  "Feature of title insurance in Ukraine", Uzhhorod,  in 2014
  12. International research and practice conference "Reformation of the tax system of Ukraine in the context of globalization and integration processes" Irpin , in 2014

On the department of finances and credit actively scientific student groups work: «My profession financier", "Newest marketing researches", "Features of work in a bank". In activity of groups more than 100 students participate annually.

The members of groups participate actively in scientific developments and research and practice conferences. Especially actively works students 3 and 4 courses of college and institute. Students of institute are the permanent participants of competitions of the advanced studies, olympiads of different level. Presently in student scientific groups a research and practice prosecution proceeds of themes:

  • "Prospects of development of consumer cooperation of Kyiv in the system of consumer cooperation of Ukraine";
  • "Problems of innovative-investment development of enterprises of consumer cooperation";
  • "Perfection of the system of taxation, account and accounting on the enterprises of consumer cooperation";
  • "Development of businessplan of the financial recovery of organization";
  • "Industrial marketing, his essence and features";
  • "Finances of countries with the developed market economy";
  • "Banks and bank activity in Ukraine".

To perform this thematic work created group among teachers and students attached to topics. Systematically meeting groups, to discuss the results of scientific work of students. The results of researches pass approbation during research and practice conferences and public presentations.



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