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Law Department

The staff

Fields of research

The methodical and scientific works of teachers

Studying disciplines of the Department

Report of Department


In accordance with the provisions of the law department it is the basic structural unit of the Institute, which conducts educational and educational and methodical work with several related professions or disciplines and carries out scientific, research and development in a certain direction.

Concept of development the department based on the fact that the current system of legal education is a synthesis of current knowledge in the field of philosophical, fundamental and applied legal sciences and other relatives on the subject of the study humanities sciences.

 Department of law is issuing specialty and direction of "Law" and endowed with the appropriate amount of rights and duties, is responsible for the quality of skilled professionals who have a deep theoretical and applied knowledge and are able to use them in their future work.

        The teaching staff prepares scientific products, monographs, articles in national and international journals, abstracts at scientific and practical conferences, round tables. The most important scientific publications teachers of the department "Public insurance regulation in foreign trade activities" - Kyiv monograph 2012 (Andruschenko LV), "History of State and Law of Ukraine": textbook, published in "Yurinkom Inter" Kyiv 2013.


The department makes research work with students.


In particular, it was created the group which operates on topical issues of criminal law, in which the most urgent issues of criminal law.Round tables are organised.

The research group is headed by PhD, Head of Tarasevych T.U. In March 2013 it will be held a round table "Legal regulation of protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen" with students of Law.

These student research activities will be conducted at the department one time per semester. In addition, students, members of the scientific society of the department (Victoria Dotsenko, Ganna Starchenko, Sydoruk Darya, Sergey Pasichnyk, Dmytro German and others) are actively involved in scientific and practical conferences held in the Institute and beyond its borders.In particular international scientific and practical conference "Current issues of intellectual property" in February 2013 (city Zaporizhzhya) the third international scientific-practical conference "Towards to the Science of the XXI century" , November 2013 (city Kirovograd).

The functions of legal clinic include the provision of primary current oral and written consultations and, if necessary, and the exercise of the functions of representation in civil cases if it does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and internal regulations on the activities of legal clinics.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" from 17.01.2002№2984-III, «On free legal aid" from 02.06.2011 g. №3460-VI, Concept of state target program of formation of the legal aid system in the years 2013-2017 by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 04.07.2012 p. number 435 and to implement a set of measures of legal, organizational and economic measures aimed at ensuring access to free legal assistance to persons with her constitutional right and need of such assistance, and acquiring skills lawyer consultants - senior students of law, working under the guidance of teachers and practitioners in law the Ministry of education, youth and sports issued a decree "On approval of provisions on the legal clinic of the university Ukraine» № 592 of 03.06. 2006

Legal Clinic "Public reception" was established 01/03/2013. And is a subdivision of the Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law, which is guided by the laws of Ukraine, KCIBL Charter, Regulations on the legal clinic "Public reception".


The purpose and objectives of the legal clinic

An activity of the legal clinic "Public reception" is part of the learning process and aims at implementing curricula of the Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law to create conditions for deepening the students' knowledge acquired in the study of subjects; mastering modern methods, techniques, forms of work organization in their future profession; formation of professional skills for making independent decisions when performing specific work in the real world; develop creative research approach to the profession.

Tasks of legal clinic:

-          providing the educational process aimed at mastering practical aspects of the legal profession;

-          providing free legal aid to the poor and other vulnerable population;

-          conducting law awareness activities;

-          legal clinic activities is carried out with the assistance of the educational process practitioners.

According to the goals and objectives of a legal clinic:

Educational courses are hold ;

-          organization and documentation are provided;

-          reception and counseling

-          project preparation and execution of legal documents

-          representing clients in courts and state bodies of power and administration;

-          cooperation with state and local authorities, the media, other enterprises, institutions and organizations.


Providing educational process in the legal clinic

Educational process in legal clinic is provided through the organization of teaching a special course on the basics of legal clinical practice and the involvement of teachers in the hospital and the university department.

There are : director - Head of the law department, Ph.D. Tarasevich T.YU .; curators: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Andruschenko L.V .; Associate Professor, Ph.D. Izotov O.I .; Ph.D. Vyshnevska U.V .; Ph.D. Kuchakovska N.O .; lecturer of the highest category Zinova O.S .; lecturer – Zharko O. G. ; postgraduate lecturer - Naida I.V .; student legal clinic director, a student of 4th studying year Starchenko G.M.


20 students - consultants of the legal clinic work directly with citizens:


IMG 7521


10.01.2013 in proceedings of students -consultants had been 18 cases of varying degrees of difficulty.

         Students- consultants provided assistance with:

         correspondence p consultations - 10.

         searching regulatory framework for the provision of advice;

-explaining the order of restores social benefits;

-consultations on the issue of privatization;

- drafting the claim;

- clarifying the procedure of liquidation and reorganization, and others.

During training at the law clinic students participated in the congress of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, took part in the scientific conference "Interaction general educational schools and legal clinics in promotion work: state and prospects of development" in school of clinical legal education seminars, training, participate in contests and competitions.


IMG 7537


IMG 7516



Terms of legal aid

Legal assistance is provided by students of law department who are not professional lawyers.

 Legal aid is granted in the premises of the legal clinic, located at:. Kyiv, St.Lomonosova 18.

The assistance provided by the employees of the legal clinic is free of charge.An exception may be the cost of registration and representation in court costs for photocopying, printing documents case.

All those costs previously are discussed with the client.Identity data of the Client ( name, address, etc.) is confidential and not subject to disclosure or distribution. The materials of the case may be used in the classroom during the studying process.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances (illness, urgent departure, the termination of a legal clinic, etc.) of the client can be transferred to another consultant, the client reported that in the near term.

The consultant has the right to refuse a client in legal aid or on its own initiative to close the case:

-         in case of disagreement with the terms of the client for legal assistance or refusal to sign an agreement on legal assistance;

-         in the case of false information during the consultation;

-         in the case of obscene, abusive or insolent behavior in the premises of a legal clinic or outside consultant during implementation of his duties as a member of the legal clinic;

-         in cases where it is impossible to contact the customer for more than 2 months;

-         сlient is able to apply for the provision of paid legal aid;

-         the client already has a representative;

-         the client does not fulfill commitments under the agreement on legal assistance, or roughly not tactfully behave with members of the legal clinic;

-         the client is in a state of alcohol or drugs or has a disease that influences the safety and health of participants of legal clinics;

-         if the result desired by the client or the means to achieve it, on which the customer insists, is unlawful.

In case of dissatisfaction with legal advice having been received in this legal clinic, the customer can address to professional lawyers, without making any claim to law students who gave counseling. (Order number 592 of 03.08.2006. "On Approving the Model Regulations on the legal clinic of the University of Ukraine").



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