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The library of the Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law is a center of intellectual culture and a center of quality and prompt information of scientific and pedagogical and student groups. The library is one of the main communication channels that provide storage and use of information resources.                  

The library of the institute organizes its activities together with the scientific and pedagogical staff in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine «On Education», «On Higher Education», «On Libraries and Library Affairs», guided by the Regulations on the library KKIBL.                                                                            

During the period of the library's activity in the modern premises of the educational institution the heads of the library were Faktorovych N.L., Paliy E.O., Babycheva R.M., Matyash N.V., Lavryk L.A., Taranenko O.G., Panko Y.V. From 2018 academic year the library is headed by the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Rudenko Y.M.

Librarians worked Chervynska I.I., Bilenko Y.A., Franchuk N.A., Kozhykhova M.P., Pavlyuk A.P., Gora A.P., Lyudneva I.V., Pasnichenko O.V., Didenko O.M., Prokhorenko S.O., Tarasova S.P., Komashko S.V., Dverina T.O., Patsora M.S. Today readers are served by librarian Tarnavska S.V.                                        

The total area of the library is 203.14 m2. The structure of the library includes 2 subscriptions, a book depository and a reading room. The reading room provides 36 workplaces.

Over the last decade, the library is in a state of technical re-equipment, due to the rapid development of information technology. A computer class has been purchased for library users, which is located in the reading room. It employs students of the institute, searching for the necessary information on the world wide web Internet.

The book fund of the library is 34579 copies. There is also an electronic library with 1,491 copies. Periodicals are 14 items.                                                              

The library staff improves its activities, looking for modern forms and methods of work. The page «Library KKIBL» was created in the social network Facebook, which covers current news, events, useful materials for students, teachers and staff of the Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law. Bookcrossing KKIBL is organized – a community of readers of the educational institution, which operates on the basis of bookcrossing. A separate page has been created on the social network Instagram, which reflects the activities of the reading community.      

The library staff contributes to the formation of a harmonious, morally perfect personality, open to intellectual, spiritual and creative development. To this end, cultural and educational events are held in the reading room, including a significant place lectures, trainings, seminars, meetings with writers, reading evenings and more. Among them are trainings «Scientific work: features of writing and design», «Media and information literacy», «Together for a better Internet», «Digital environment of scientific communication», lectures «International citation styles and references in scientific works», «Fundamentals of academic writing», «Seminars Life hacks for young scientists: how to «painlessly» write a dissertation», «Bibliotherapy: your book of happiness».                                            

There is a library film club, during which there are screenings and discussions of films dedicated to significant events in Ukrainian history. Intellectual board games «UPA – the answer of the unconquered people», «Traveler», «100 years of struggle: the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921», «Travel to Ukraine» are held. Every year, about fifty thematic book-illustrated exhibitions are organized, which are dedicated to the events of all-Ukrainian and international life, the work of prominent writers, significant dates. Library users join photo flash mobs and photo marathons, including «Libraries full of people», «Global Shevchenko», «Library –the universe in a convenient format», «KKIBL reads».                  

The library is cared for by the Museum of the History of Consumer Cooperation of Kyiv Region, which is located in the reading room. There is a training of guides and thematic tours of the museum.                                        

The library staff provides library and information services to students and faculty of the institute, helps the curators of study groups in the preparation of thematic materials for educational classes. Within the limits of the activity employees of library take part in educational process, in the organization of the general and group actions provided by the calendar plan of institute. Work is underway to preserve the book collection and educate students to take a careful attitude to educational literature. As part of the work to eliminate reader debt, control over the timely return of literature.                                              

Work is underway to improve the reference and search apparatus. The library staff is creating an electronic catalog in the automated library information system «Irbis». The electronic catalog opens fast and high-quality access to information resources of the library, and is one of the most important library resources. The Irbis system is filled with the prospect of round-the-clock access to information about the availability of documents in the library's funds via the Internet. To teach students to use catalogs, to quickly find the necessary literature, practical classes are held to teach bibliographic literacy.                                              

Activities aimed at professional development and professional information of library staff are attended: lecture «Academic Integrity: rules of the game or a matter of honor», international scientific event «Crossref LIVE Kyiv», trainings «Scopus and Mendeley for modern researchers», «Academic Integrity», online courses «Library – open public space», «Libraries in achieving Sustainable Development Goals», «Culture 3.0», school of professional skills «Young library professional», online conference «Libraries in a pandemic COVID-19», webinar «10 principles of the ideal library», online seminar «Innovative activities of libraries of educational institutions and their role in the formation of information culture, creative activity of students and teaching staff».                                            

As an educational scientific-informational, cultural-educational subdivision of the institute, the library plays an important role in the training of a modern competitive specialist. As the main link in the information support of educational and scientific activities of students and scientific and pedagogical workers, the institute library provides a solution to a range of issues facing higher education in our time.



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